against the overpopulation myth

October 9th, 2013 by hofkirchner

it’s a good thing that film-makers step in when mass media journalists don’t do their job but multiply ideologemes instead. Werner Boote, a vienna resident, is one of them. he is well known for the fim “plastic planet” in which he reports aubout the dangers plastic poses to our biosphere. when confronted with opinions that there are too many humans on earth he decided to make a new film: “population boom”.

that film is a plea for humanism. it provides a systemic answer: it is not the number of people but the way how the social systems we are part of make us relate to each other – are we conditioned to seek for short-sighted self-regarding aims or are we allowed to care for each other?

that film is an example for how systemic thinking can deconstruct deep-rooted wrong beliefs that inhibit proper solutions.


the music video “reach out” (click on the snapshot)

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